Womens Racing


Ladies racing back at Mallory for 2017

  • We have 3 events planned for 2017 and have had great support, with 22 riders taking out subscriptions to guarantee these races. For the first nights racing we had 27 riders on the start line, the biggest ever field for a ladies race at Mallory Park
  • If we continue to get such good support, and if there’s demand, we will look to put on a further 2 races, 18th May and 29th June looking like the most suitable dates

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  • We have 3 events on the programme on 13th, 20th and 27th April, for 2nd, 3rd and 4th category riders.
  • The races will be run on the track at the same time as the mens 4th category races, but the groups will be started half a lap apart.
  • Safety is a big concern for us when operating in this way, so we will have strict rules on what needs to happen should the 2 groups come together, the onus being on the caught riders to drop back.
  • Anyone who doesn’t drop back will be warned and if they continue riding in the other group will be disqualified. Its an approach that works fine on other circuits.

A pdf version of the full senior programme for 2017 may be downloaded by clicking here or on the link in the downloads section on the right of this page

Downloadable Programme

A full programme of events, containing details of all start times and the circuits that will be used for each event, may be downloaded from the sidebar. Note that occasionally we may need to change the circuit. Joining our Facebook Group, signing up for our Twitter feed or subscribing to our Mailing List is a great way of keeping up to date

2017 Womens Programme

DateCategoryStart TimeType
13/04/2017Women 2/3/418:46Scratch Race
20/04/2017Women 2/3/418:46Scratch Race
27/04/2017Women 2/3/418:46Scratch Race
18/05/2017Women 2/3/419:01Scratch Race
29/06/2017Women 2/3/419:01Scratch Race
24/08/2017Women 2/3/419:01Scratch Race



All riders require a full British Cycling race license in order to compete.

If you aren’t a member of British Cycling, or don’t have a full racing license, then you will need a day license which can be purchased at signing on. See Entry Fees section for further details

Womens Racing

All our races in 2017 are open to 2nd, 3rd and 4th category women

Senior Racing

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th category Women are eligible for the 2/3/4 category events
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th category women are eligible for the 3rd category events
  • women over 40 are eligible for the LVRC masters events


Junior female eligibility is based on their category on the day of the event, identical to Women

Juniors are subject to their normal gear restrictions

Youth Dispensation

A category (U16) female riders with BC dispensation will be allowed to ride the Womens League events

Youths with Dispensation are still subject to their normal gear restrictions

The rider must present their dispensation license at signing on. If this is not available BC have instructed organisers that rider should not be allowed to ride in the higher category

Entry Fees

Entry Fees

We are asking lady riders to subscribe to Mallory Park RR League for the fee of £30. Anyone who does this will be given free entry to the 3 races currently scheduled. To purchase a subscription click here. We require 15 subscriptions to be in place by the end of March in order to run the events. Should we not get sufficient subscriptions, we will refund the fee to anyone who has subscribed.

We will also accept entry on the line for the fees shown below

Class of Rider Entry Fee
Member of a supporting club £15
Member of other clubs £18

A supporting club is one which assists for one night or more with Senior race organisation. Contact Us if you would like to support the RR League in this way and get the race entry discount

Day Licenses

BC Membership Class Day License Fee
None £10
Bronze £10
Silver £5
Gold £5
Juniors Half of the above

Details of British Cycling membership can be obtained by clicking here


2015 circuits

The Mallory circuit can be configured in a number of different ways to give some variety to race nights. Full details are below. Circuits for each race night are indicated in the seasons race programme

Full Anti-Clockwise Finish 1

Full circuit, anti-clockwise but with the finish on the main straight just after the bridge. Makes for a classic battle between the sprinters and those riders who need to get clear before the finish line. Used occasionally for the older Youth riders (U14/16) giving them a chance to race on the full circuit including the climb to the Bus Stop chicane and Mallory's iconic Shaw's Hairpin

Full Anti-Clockwise Finish 5

With the finish situated just before Shaw's hairpin in the anti-clockwise direction this is a difficult one to judge with the steepest part of the climb coming around 250m from the line

Full Clockwise Finish 2

The traditional full circuit, running clockwise and finishing just before Shaw's hairpin

Hilly Crit Finish 6

The Hilly Crit circuit is just that, a tough hilly, twisty course. Its a circuit you either love or hate but it always produces a worthy winner!

Lower Anti-Clockwise Finish 1

Arguably the hardest of the two flat circuit variations, when run anti-clockwise we have a 400m uphill drag from the last bend to the finish

Lower Clockwise Finish 1

Using the flat lower circuit and finishing on the main straight, this circuit features a slightly downhill finish making for fast, exciting sprints