Masters Racing


Repeating our 2017 programme, racing for the over 40’s is back for 2018

  • We have 4 events planned for 2018, specifically for over 40’s riders
  • These events will be run under LVRC rules, so riders will need to be members of the LVRC. See Eligibility tab
  • We welcome women riders, according to LVRC rules they will ride with the men but 2 age categories up
  • We will be running at least 2 races per night (ABCD and EFGHW), both on the track at the same time. If we get enough AB and CD entries we will run 3 races. The onus will be on any group being caught to drop back
  • Entry by RiderHQ is preferred, although we will still support entry on the line. See Entry Fees tab

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Masters events at Mallory Park Road Race League are run under LVRC rules on Thursday evenings May 3rd, 17th and 31st plus June 14th

  • Separate races for A/B/C/D (we’ll spite A/B and C/D if we get enough entries) and E/F/G/H categories
  • The races will be run concurrently on the circuit
  • If one group catches another the onus is on the caught group to drop back
  • Ladies are welcome, riding 2 age categories up as per LVRC rules

Race start times may vary, see the programme below for full details.

All events are run under LVRC rules and riders must be LVRC Members. See Eligibility tab for more details.

Online entries are encouraged at RiderHQ. We will accept entries on the night. See Entry Fees tab for more details


No events published for this year


LVRC Membership

All riders must be over 40 years of age on the day of the event and holders of an LVRC membership in order to compete.

If you aren’t currently a member of LVRC, you can purchase a membership by clicking here

Entry Fees

Entry Fees

If you enter in advance by RiderHQ, the entry fee is £13. Entries on the night are £15 for members of clubs which support Mallory Park RR League with marshalling, £18 for others.

To enter in advance on RiderHQ click here Entries open 8 weeks before the event and close at midnight on the Tuesday before the event


2015 circuits

The Mallory circuit can be configured in a number of different ways to give some variety to race nights. Full details are below. Circuits for each race night are indicated in the seasons race programme

Full Anti-Clockwise Finish 1

Full circuit, anti-clockwise but with the finish on the main straight just after the bridge. Makes for a classic battle between the sprinters and those riders who need to get clear before the finish line. Used occasionally for the older Youth riders (U14/16) giving them a chance to race on the full circuit including the climb to the Bus Stop chicane and Mallory's iconic Shaw's Hairpin

Full Anti-Clockwise Finish 4

Run in the anti-clockwise direction and finishing just past the Bus Stop chicane (not used on this configuration)

Full Anti-Clockwise Finish 5

With the finish situated just before Shaw's hairpin in the anti-clockwise direction this is a difficult one to judge with the steepest part of the climb coming around 250m from the line

Full Anti-Clockwise Finish 6

This configuration runs anti-clockwise and includes the Bus Stop chicane just as the climb begins to level out. The finish is situated on the steepest part of the climb just before the Bus Stop chicane

Full Clockwise Finish 2

The traditional full circuit, running clockwise and finishing just before Shaw's hairpin

Full Clockwise Finish 3

Running clockwise but with the finish situated by the Bus Stop chicane, this is a difficult finish to judge due to the preceding climb up to Shaw's hairpin. A strongman's finish.

Hilly Crit Finish 6

The Hilly Crit circuit is just that, a tough hilly, twisty course. Its a circuit you either love or hate but it always produces a worthy winner!

Lower Anti-Clockwise Finish 1

Arguably the hardest of the two flat circuit variations, when run anti-clockwise we have a 400m uphill drag from the last bend to the finish

Lower Clockwise Finish 1

Using the flat lower circuit and finishing on the main straight, this circuit features a slightly downhill finish making for fast, exciting sprints

Derby Track League

Results and Overall Standings for the Vittoria Derby LVRC Track League 2017

Date Results League Standings
12/01/2017 pdf pdf
26/01/2017 pdf pdf
09/02/2017 pdf pdf
23/02/2017 pdf pdf
09/03/2017 pdf pdf
23/03/2017 pdf pdf
06/04/2017 pdf pdf
20/04/2017 pdf pdf
02/05/2017 pdf
07/09/2017 pdf pdf
21/09/2017 pdf pdf
19/10/2017 pdf pdf