League Standings

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Individual Youth League Standings as of 21/08/2018
U8 Boys
Oliver Stenhouse (Charnwood CC)114.0
Jet Du tiot (Newark Castle)108.0
Louis Inman (Newark Castle)96.0
Harry Donald (Leicester Forest CC)65.0
Felix Jarvis (4 Life Triathlon Club)27.0
Andrew Deathridge (Welland Valley CC)19.0
Jacob Smith (Welland Valley CC)14.0
Charlie Gaul (Rutland Rouleur)8.0
Inodh Jayawardhena (Charnwood CC)4.0
U8 Girls
Eva Leavis (Leicester Forest CC)128.0
Lilly Gadsby (Leicester Forest CC)67.0
Erica Hibble (Leicester Forest CC)14.0
Tilly Mccloy (Team MK)12.0
Bella Gokani (Leicester Forest CC)8.0
Chloe Jacques (Vale of Belvoir)6.0
Gokani Khia (Leicester Forest CC)5.0
U10 Boys
George Cooper (Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme)150.0
Daniel Ward (Mercia CC)116.0
Rocco Schumacher (Provision)110.0
Sam Parker (Mercia CC)44.0
Toby Gaul (Rutland Rouleur)27.0
James Wright (Charnwood CC)12.0
Fraser MacArthur (TEAM MK)11.0
Ethan Gapp (4 Life Triathlon Club)10.0
Jamie Kershaw (Welland Valley CC)8.5
Daniel Lea (Team MK)5.5
Barnaby Smith (Beeston RC)5.0
Joshua Jones (Leicester Forest CC)4.0
Joshua Dyson (4 Life Triathlon Club)4.0
William Carvell (Daventry Cycling Club)4.0
Jake Bird (Kettering Cyclones)3.5
Ellis Wood (4 Life Triathlon Club)3.0
Ewan Rochester (Vale of Belvoir)2.0
Jacob Miles (Charnwood CC)1.0
U10 Girls
Edie Bott (Cycle Derby)153.0
Megan Cherry (Leicester Forest CC)128.0
Lottie Lissaman (Newark Castle)33.0
Merle Snelson (Team MK)17.0
Jessica Broadhead (Leicester Forest CC)14.0
Lauren Oldfield (Redditch CC)13.5
Ruby Collins (Welland Valley CC)8.0
Emma Richards (Charnwood CC)7.5
U12 Boys
Josh Jackson (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)141.0
Alex Burden (Stratford CC)91.5
Jude Du Toit (Newark Castle)78.0
Spencer Corder (Stratford CC)57.0
Ryan Oldfield (Redditch CC)52.0
Matthew Kent (VC Lincoln)33.0
Ben Woodhouse (Solihull CC)32.5
Luke Jones (Welland Valley CC)26.0
Noah Inman (Newark Castle)9.0
Oscar Martin (Stratford CC)8.0
Henry Barker-pine (Heanor Clarion)7.5
Leo Bass (The MI Racing Academy)2.0
Ethan Squires (Witham Wheelers)1.0
Ellis Jackson (Leicester Forest CC)1.0
Thomas Gaul (Rutland Rouleur)0.5
U12 Girls
Bethany Jackson (Leicester Forest CC)158.0
Mia Hopkins (Welland Valley CC)108.5
Rebecca Van Aardt (4 Life Triathlon Club)56.5
Jessica Lea (Team MK)27.0
Ruby-summer Osborne (Leicester Forest CC)22.0
Bobbie OBrien (Hillingdon SS)16.0
Tia Carr (Lichfield CCC)16.0
Iggy Campbell (Stratford CC)11.0
Robyn Jarvis (4 Life Triathlon Club)8.0
Scarlett Williams (Private Member)6.0
U14 Boys
Edward Hopkins (The MI Racing Academy)104.0
Alex Galpin (Bourne Wheelers)90.0
Jack Pearson (Beeston RC)77.0
Rory Knowles (The MI Racing Academy)71.5
Callum Twelves (The MI Racing Academy)51.0
Jude Chamberlain (The MI Racing Academy)40.0
Lewis Holmes (Matlock CC)39.5
Ewan Grady (Team MK)20.5
Adam Lea (Team MK)13.0
Dan Galpin (Bourne Wheelers)10.0
Ryan Williams (Fusion cycling club)10.0
Finley Bass (The MI Racing Academy)7.5
Daniel Armstrong (Leicester Forest CC)6.0
Ben Askey (RST Racing Team)4.0
U14 Girls
Libby Bell (Leicester Forest CC)146.0
Rosie Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion)56.0
Emily Richards (Bourne Wheelers)16.0
Caitlin Harvey (Lichfield CCC)12.0
Florence Lissaman (Newark Castle)12.0
Lotty Dawson (Team MK)10.0
Fay Garner (Welland Valley CC)9.0
Harriet Limb (Matlock CC)4.0
U16 Boys
Jack Brough (The MI Racing Academy)94.0
Josh Giddings (The MI Racing Academy)86.0
Kieran Smith (Bolsover & District CC)72.5
Edward Woodward (The MI Racing Academy)67.5
Jamie Kennerson (The MI Racing Academy)43.0
Owen Lightfoot (Bourne Wheelers)36.0
Bryn Richards (Bourne Wheelers)21.0
Lucas Towers (RST Racing Team)18.0
Aran Martin (Team corley cycles)16.0
Oliver Cole (Nottingham Clarion)15.0
Jacob Reid (CC Giro)14.0
James Anthony (Beeston CC)12.0
Alfie Lofthouse (Nottingham Clarion)9.0
Kyle Hoskin (The MI Racing Academy)8.0
Emile Alexander (Lichfield CCC)8.0
Harrison Tacey (Leicestershire RC)7.0
Kieran Riley (Langdale Lightweights)6.0
Taylor Carr (Lichfield CCC)6.0
Luke Moore (Amicus 13)2.0
U16 Girls
Lotta Mansfield (The MI Racing Academy)111.0
Annabel Ramsay (Leicester Forest CC)90.0
Amelie Wayte (The MI Racing Academy)64.0
Alice Towers (RST Racing Team)58.0
Georgie York (Absolute tri)31.0
Zara Knowles (Derby Mercury)21.0
Ellie Dilks (Cycle Derby)4.0