League Standings

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GC Bike Fit Women 2/3/4 League Standings as of 23/07/2015
Emma Birtles (Lichfield CCC)113.0
Madeleine Gammons (Bourne Wheelers)105.0
Lauren Humphreys (Bonito SC)88.0
Sarah Soden (Leicester Forest CC)67.0
Sally Maitland (Beeston CC)53.0
Jennie Tillott (St Ives CC)45.0
Lisa Rogers (Corley Cycles)43.0
Hayley Bosworth (Mercia CC)40.0
Melanie Potter (Bromsgrove Olympic)36.0
Steph Clayton (Stafford RC)33.0
Megan McDonald (RLS Cycling Club)26.0
Hannah Payton (Corley Cycles)25.0
Sophie Faulkner (Fusion RT)25.0
April Tacey (Leicestershire RC)25.0
Nina Critchley (Lichfield CCC)24.0
Victoria Webb (Lichfield CCC)24.0
Jenifer McAndrew (Team Jadan)23.0
Heather Wesson (Watt cycle)23.0
Madeline Verdegaal (Boston Wheelers CC)23.0
Natasha Morrison (MG Decor)21.0
Rebecca Richards (Newark Castle)21.0
Ailbhe Carroll (Private Member)19.0
Lorna Latimer (Private Member)17.0
Karen Wyle Smith (Elite yelo)15.0
Linda Hubbard (Welland Valley CC)14.0
Tracy Kyffin (Lichfield CCC)14.0
Rebecca Maynard (Welwyn Wheelers)13.0
Steph Russell (Wellingborogh cycle)13.0
Anna Bertram (Leicester Tri)12.0
Charlotte Redden (45 Road Club)10.0
Rebecca Bond (Tri latania)9.0
Enya Tabram (Coventry RC)8.0
Mel Dakin (Rutland Rouleur)8.0
Caroline Flooks (RLS Cycling Club)7.0
Lindsay Nell (Team Jewson)7.0
Caroline Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion)6.0