League Standings

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GC Bike Fit Senior 3/4 League Standings as of 14/08/2014
Senior 3/4
Kyle Abrahams (ASFRA Racing)48.0
Ross Horn (RLS Cycling Club)47.0
James Moore (Welland Valley CC)40.0
James Garrett (Rugby Velo)38.0
Luke Markham (Team Jewson)27.0
Ian Taylor (Leicester Forest CC)20.0
Phillip Maddocks (Leicestershire RC)20.0
Phil Blacker (Team Jewson)18.0
Jack O Neill (Mike Vaughan Cycles)18.0
Stuart Thompson (Hinckley CRC)17.0
James Hinchliffe (Leicester Forest CC)14.0
Andy Sheret (West Bridgford Cycling Club)11.0
Matthew Coates (VC St Raphael)11.0
Liam Hindmarsh (Dinnington RC)11.0
Win Perrett (Heanor Clarion)10.0
Calum Lawson (Dinnington RC)10.0
Ben Irwin (Beeston rc)10.0
Alex Smith (Lichfield CCC)10.0
Bradley Symonds (Bio Cadenza)10.0
Kieran Simcox (Dinnington RC)8.0
Ollie Peckover (Sherwood Pines Cycles SRAM RT)8.0
Chris McNaughton (Leicester Forest CC)7.0
James Haydon (Clay Cross RT)7.0
Andrew McLaren (West Bridgford Cycling Club)7.0
Sam Milward (University of Sheffield CC)6.0
Chris Spencer (Royal Leamington Spa CC)6.0
Daniel Storey (Boston Wheelers CC)6.0
Kenny Cliffe (Hinckley CRC)6.0
Nick Labrum (Walsall RCC)5.0
Paul Stewart (Moda RT)5.0
Tim Plimmer (Lutterworth Cycle Centre)5.0
Andy Eagers (Derby Mercury)5.0
Martin Eadon (Hargroves Cycles RT)5.0
Ross Lamb (Mansfield RC)5.0
Bjorn Krylander (Cambridge CC)5.0
dale taylor (Hinckley CRC)4.0
Alessandro Williams (Tunstall Wheelers)4.0
David Reilly (Lichfield CCC)4.0
Mark Thomas (Private Member)3.0
Stuart Ridsdale (Rugby Racing Cycling Club)2.0
Chris Bates (Beeston CC)2.0
Richard Johnston (Beeston CC)2.0
Steven Barrell (Mapperley CC)1.0
Steve Tait (Mapperley CC)1.0
Gary Blackman (Solihull CC)1.0
Daniel Butcher (Leicester Forest CC)1.0
Robin Burrow (Kenilworth Whls)1.0
robert kitley (RMCC)1.0
Alistair Colby (VO2 Development Team)1.0
Peter Boyes (TS Racing Vankeu)1.0
Paul Bennett (Bio Cadenza)1.0
Lewis Tarnai-Wilson (Ashfield RC)1.0