League Standings

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GC Bike Fit Senior 2/3 League Standings as of 12/08/2014
Senior 2/3
Mike Twelves (Team Jewson)58.0
Iain Palmer (Twickenham CC)35.0
Corey Ashley (Beeston RC)28.0
Jordan Peacock (Rugby Velo)28.0
Matt Nell (Team Jewson)22.0
Ollie Peckover (Sherwood Pines Cycles SRAM RT)21.0
Daniel Finnegan (Lichfield CCC)21.0
Carl Sturgeon (Private Member)20.0
Scott Probert (RST Racing Team)20.0
Paul Searson (Nottingham Clarion)18.0
Matt Jennings (Lutterworth Cycle Centre)17.0
Simon Askham (Leicester Forest CC)17.0
Matt Clarke (London Dynamo)16.0
Chris Osment (Private Member)16.0
Elliott Pike (Lichfield CCC)15.0
Ross Horn (RLS Cycling Club)14.0
Peter Banham (Freds Cycles)13.0
Barry Connolly (Team MK)13.0
Mark Wakeling (Beeston RC)12.0
Jack Green (VC St Raphael)10.0
James Garrett (Rugby Velo)10.0
Edward Silverton (Bicicielo)8.0
Matt Smith (Lichfield CCC)8.0
Alexander King (Loughborough CC)7.0
Jono Dexter (Andymoor Race Team)7.0
Tom Chandler (Nottingham Clarion)6.0
Darren Atkins (Team Jewson)6.0
Damien Shakespear (Andymoor Race Team)6.0
Matt Exley (www.Twenty3c.co.uk)5.0
Ross Lamb (Mansfield RC)5.0
L Souter (Banbury Star CC)4.0
Daniel Kelley (Private Member)4.0
Luke Markham (Team Jewson)4.0
James Hedley-Smith (Loughborough Pedal Power)4.0
Alastair Luxford (CSE - Racing)3.0
Christian Aucote (Mercia CC)2.0
Rob Yeatman (BH-Solidor-Wam Youth)1.0
Philip Hingh (Brotherton Cycles)1.0
Alex Smith (Lichfield CCC)1.0
Andy Eagers (Derby Mercury)1.0
George Richman (NFTO)1.0
Marc Flay (Stratford Studio/RPC)1.0
Tony Kiss (Performance Cycle)1.0