What license/membership do I need to race?

  • If you have a BC silver membership and a full license, you can ride any of the Mallory Park RR League events, subject to your category status
  • If you have a BC silver membership only, that gives you a Provisional license, but unfortunately you still need to buy a day license (BC rules)
  • If you have a BC bronze membership, then you will need to buy a day license.
  • With a Bornse or Silver membership, but without a full racing license, a day license costs £5
  • For youths with a BC silver membership, that automatically gives you a full racing license
  • If you are not a member of BC, you can still race, by purchasing a day license at signing on. Senior day licenses cost £10 and Youth day licenses cost £1.50

Please note these are all BC rules. The league just provides the day licenses, takes the fee and passes all of it through to BC

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