Can my child just turn up and race?

Absolutely, the youth races – all races for that matter- are open to any rider.
As a minimum riders need a roadworthy bike and a helmet. We’d also recommend some gloves.
Participants will need a British Cycling license. If they aren’t a member of British Cycling, then you can buy a day license at signing on for £1.50. If they are planning on doing a few races then its probably more economic to buy a British Cycling membership. On top of that theres an entry fee for the race. Click here for full details relating to entry fees and day licenses
For youth racing, bikes will need to have gears checked as there are restrictions on the maximum gear the kids can use. Don’t worry about that, just turn up and go to gear checking and if anything needs doing to the bike to make it ‘legal’ it can be done on the night and there will be people there to help. Click here for more details about gear restrictions
Some other useful information.
  • Note that start times vary depending on age group. Online details may be found by clicking here.
  • A full programme can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • You can find out more about age groups by clicking here


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