Frequently Asked Questions

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What license/membership do I need to race?

  • If you have a BC silver membership and a full license, you can ride any of the Mallory Park RR League events, subject to your category status
  • If you have a BC silver membership only, that gives you a Provisional license, but unfortunately you still need to buy a day license (BC rules)
  • If you have a BC bronze membership, then you will need to buy a day license.
  • With a Bornse or Silver membership, but without a full racing license, a day license costs £5
  • For youths with a BC silver membership, that automatically gives you a full racing license
  • If you are not a member of BC, you can still race, by purchasing a day license at signing on. Senior day licenses cost £10 and Youth day licenses cost £1.50

Please note these are all BC rules. The league just provides the day licenses, takes the fee and passes all of it through to BC

Can my child just turn up and race?

Absolutely, the youth races – all races for that matter- are open to any rider.
As a minimum riders need a roadworthy bike and a helmet. We’d also recommend some gloves.
Participants will need a British Cycling license. If they aren’t a member of British Cycling, then you can buy a day license at signing on for £1.50. If they are planning on doing a few races then its probably more economic to buy a British Cycling membership. On top of that theres an entry fee for the race. Click here for full details relating to entry fees and day licenses
For youth racing, bikes will need to have gears checked as there are restrictions on the maximum gear the kids can use. Don’t worry about that, just turn up and go to gear checking and if anything needs doing to the bike to make it ‘legal’ it can be done on the night and there will be people there to help. Click here for more details about gear restrictions
Some other useful information.
  • Note that start times vary depending on age group. Online details may be found by clicking here.
  • A full programme can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • You can find out more about age groups by clicking here


How much does it cost to race?

  • Youths U8 – £5 for members of supporting clubs, otherwise £6
  • Youths U10/12 – £6 for members of supporting clubs, otherwise £6
  • Youths U14/16 – £7 for members of supporting clubs, otherwise £8
  • Seniors – £15 for members of supporting clubs, otherwise £18
  • Women – £15 for members of supporting clubs, otherwise £18

Can I enter via the British Cycling website?

No sorry you can only enter on the night at Mallory.

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How does the Raleigh youth league work?

For each category, the top 5 riders get 5,4,3, 2 and 1 points for their finishing positions. Additionally, some events have a Bonus Sprint (3,2 and 1 points for the top 3 riders) and some races qualify for double points (so 10,8,6,4 and 2 points for finishing positions. For full details click here
For each rider their 14 best scores from 17 events are added up and the winner is the rider with the most points. The top 3 riders in each age/gender group get prizes at the end of the season. If theres a tie, we simply duplicate the prizes

The league leaders wear the leaders yellow jersey. If the leader isn’t riding then the second placed rider wears the jersey etc. In the event of a tie, the organiser will decide who wears the leaders jersey

How does the Jewson youth team league work?

Riders are awarded half a point for starting get their finishing points as per the Raleigh League. So a rider winning on a normal night (eg no double points or bonus sprint) will get 5.5 points for their team and a rider finishing 6th will get 0.5 points.
Points from each rider for every league race (unlike the individual league with its best 14 from 17) are added up for their team. The team with the most points wins
For more details click here

How do the GC Bike Fit Studio senior and womens leagues work?

For seniors the first 20 riders in races designated league races score points. Click here for the points allocation and league events.
The best 7 scores from the 9 league races are added up and the rider with the most points wins. For more details click here

For women the fist 10 riders score points Click here for the points allocation. Note that all women only events are league races
The best 5 scores from the 6 league races are added up and the rider with the most points wins. For more details click here

Where can I see the full Mallory RR League programme?

You can download a printable brochure for the Senior events by clicking senior 2015 provisional or for the Youth events by clicking youth-2015-provisional

You can see all events on the BC website by clicking here

Upcoming events, for the next fortnight or so, can be seen by clicking here

A full online programme can be seen by clicking

Are the women’s races only going to be 30 mins?

Yes they are 30 minutes. We ran women’s only racing in 2014 following strong feedback that this was the preference, but we are constrained with available time on the night and we need to run a decent senior event for the league to work financially.
If longer racing is required then the ladies could also ride the 2/3/4 cat event that follows, for anyone doing this we will reduce the entry fee to just the BC levy (£3.50). I’ve also confirmed with BC that a 30 minute race will qualify for full license points for those placed.


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Can you race for a club but not wear the club kit?

BC rules say if you are Cat 4 you can wear what you like. Cat 3 and above has to be club colours or a plain jersey.