Event Results

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S 4


1Ian CarterTamworth CC
2Carl DavisPrivate Member
3Bailey WatersMercia CC
4Steven BarrellMapperley CC
5Philip RogersDerby Mercury
6Richard LloydVelo M
7Daniel ThompsonBeeston CC
8Tomas FoneOVB
9Mathew SparkesBeeston CC
10Andrew WrayMercia CC
11Richard DorneyDynamic Rides
12John LuckockWMPCC
13Tom NoethoverDynamic Rides
14Steven KaneBeeston CC
15Phil WhittleslyPrivate Member
16Duncan SlatorSudbury cycle sport
17Alfie JollandsClay Cross RT
18Mark BebbowesDynamic Rides
19Max LeesLeicestershire RC
20Mark ThomasRugby Velo
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Senior 4

Finish Video

Slow motion video of the finish. Note that this is the order of riders crossing the line, some lapped riders may be present. Also where there were time gaps between bunches, these have been edited out