May 2014

May League Update

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As we go to the Whitsun week break, total event entries for the 2014 Mallory Park RR League are running at 1088, around 25% up on 2013. It’s not all plain sailing on the numbers front however, the overall figure comprised of a staggering 107% increase in Youth entries and a somewhat disappointing 15% decrease in senior numbers.

Financially, the league is performing OK despite the reduction in senior numbers which has been offset by a much greater percentage of seniors paying the full entry fee than was expected. Whilst this has enabled the league to get to this point in the season slightly ahead of budget, it’s a bit disappointing to note that almost 50% or seniors taking part in events are from clubs which do not support the operation of the league. It’s worth reminding everyone that the league functions thanks to clubs and individuals offering to help with evening organising.

The youth league continues to go from strength to strength, averaging 100 riders per night. 2 riders – Jed Smithson and Elena-Rose Fereday – remain unbeaten and are establishing significant leads in their categories whilst 6 of the 10 categories see 1st and 2nd in the league standings separated by 3 points or less. The team league is seeing some great competition, Rutland Rouleur continue to lead the way and have extended their lead slightly but its certain Welland Valley and Leicestershire RC are not going to go down without a fight…
Senior racing has been pretty aggressive; in the senior 2/3 events for example every event in May has been won from a breakaway. Racing has also been very safe; despite a few nights of bad weather the services of the Paramedics have only been required once in 8 different events.

Standout result for May has to be U16 Tom Chandler winning the 2/3 category event from a 2 man breakaway, great to see young riders coming through and following in the footsteps of previous Mallory participants and winners Dan Martin and Mark Cavendish.

Looking forward, racing resumes after the Whitsun week break with all senior events reverting to the original basis of the Mallory Park RR league and running as a true league, positions in events gaining points and an overall league established.

2nd and 3rd category riders start their league on 3rd June and run every Tuesday through to 12th August, whilst the 3rd and 4th category league starts 5th June and runs every Thursday until 14th August. Both leagues have the same prize lists, £350 first, prizes down to 15th and a total prize fund for the 2 leagues of almost £3000. In addition we hope to be able to offer Primes on the night, but this is dependent on numbers.

In addition, for the first time, we are also running a Women’s only league for 2nd, 3rd and 4th category riders. There are 4 events starting on 5th June and running every other Thursday, each one on a different circuit configuration. First prize in £250 with prizes down to 6th and a total prize fund of £550.

April League Update

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The Mallory RR League restarted with a bang in April with over 110 youth riders turning out for the first event. The inclusion of Yellow jerseys for the individual league leaders and the new team league both appear to have been very well received and seem to be inspiring strong individual and team rivalries leading to some excellent youth racing.

The 3 youth nights have averaged just over 100 riders per night, double last year’s nightly average and to really put things into context, more riders in these 3 events than for the entire 2012 season.

Senior numbers on the other hand are slightly down on last year, although direct comparisons are difficult due to a change in nights for the 2/3 and 4th cat races and with having the first 2 weeks of the season run in Easter holidays.

Overall, April saw over 500 individual participations, Leicestershire Road Club leading the way with 62 participations in Youth and Senior events. Financially the league is performing well, the revised entry fees ensuring that we stay in the black even with slightly lower senior number than hoped for.

Support from the organising clubs has been very good and people have adapted well to the changes to signing on. Fears about people forgetting their numbers have been put to rest, only 2 or 3 individuals per event either forgetting or loosing numbers and this was managed successfully with spare or replacement numbers.

Activity on the website has grown strongly, since the start of the racing we have been seeing over 2500 page hits per week. The video clips of the finishes posted on YouTube and accessed via the website also appear to be well received, more than 1200 views in April.

The racing has been very positive across all categories with a good mix of breakaway wins and bunch gallops. General standards of riding have also been high with the medics only called on a couple of times and one of those for a warming up incident. Particularly impressive have been 2 of the U16 riders with dispensation to rider senior events. Ollie Peckover and Tom Chandler, as well as having individual wins in the youth races, have both achieved top 3 finishes in the 2/3 category senior race.