Mallory Update for 2014

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I’ve met with Eddie Roberts today, one of the directors of the new company set up to operate the Mallory Park race track. Looks very positive. They are incredibly busy at the moment trying to get things up and running, so we’ve not formally agreed to bike racing there, or track fees, next year but equally can’t see any reason why we won’t be doing a full season in 2014. I’ll be meeting them again early January when hopefully we can finalise details.

In the meantime we will get on with finalising the structure on 2014 events and signing up clubs and individuals for running events on the night (signing on, judging and license return).

On that note, the AGM agreed a revision to entry fees, now £15 per event for seniors but with a £3/race discount for members of clubs who undertake to support organisation (£5 with a £1/race discount for youths). email me, message me or comment here if you are prepared to help please. For members of smaller clubs, I can put a group of you together to do a night. Not a lot to ask to give up 1 nights racing to enable the league to function and will save individuals around £50 in entry fees over the season